Meeting Place


I attended a workshop this weekend:

“The Black Madonna is the feminine rooted in the body, walking on the earth”. M.WoodmanThe Black Madonna workshop
The Black Madonna:
Reclaiming the Dark: towards full Feminine Consciousness
A Marion Woodman Affiliated Body Soul Workshop
Led by Joan Harcourt
Assisted by Ali Golding, NAIDOC Elder 2010 

The Black Madonna is the sacred feminine rooted in a body living on the earth. She has been burned and transformed by life. Through her loving acceptance of all of us, and valuing the interrelatedness of all life, the Black Madonna brings us to wholeness. At this time of world upheavals, she is coming to remind us of the sacredness of life, for the need to care for and nourish the earth, ourselves and all sentient beings.

This experiential workshop offers an opportunity to deepen your own journey to self discovery; to have a body-felt experience of the sacredness of your own femininity, using images, dreams, meditation, ritual, movement, dance, discussion and art, in a safe, held, sacred space

“To go beyond the ego, we have to turn inward with our own microscopes of introspection; we have to go into our own opaque matter to discover the unpredictability and spontaneity of our true nature.
We have to enter chaos, terrifying though it might seem, if we are to find our own creativity.
Courage and awareness of the dangers are essential to our entering into the dance of our own dark reality.”
From Dancing in the Flames by Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson.